Optimized Organizations

Streamlining structures and systems to enable higher performance

Better by Design

Better by Design

Creating firm foundations for agile and efficient organizations.

Sound strategies and ambitious goals can only be achieved through organizational structures and operations that are not only efficient, but also perfectly aligned with strategic goals at every step. MENTOR helps businesses create robust organizational architecture that serves business objectives, withstands external pressures, and outperforms competitors.

We design effective structures that are adaptable to change and support streamlined macro and micro processes. We ensure synergy among the various business functions and maintain the highest quality standards for every deliverable throughout the operational process.

Get insight into creating efficient structures and functions that align with company goals.


Organization Design

We help you build streamlined organization architecture that optimizes operations and maximizes the performance of people.
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Sales Performance

Our consultants help you create efficient sales operations that align with complementary business functions, and employ a motivated and skilled sales force.
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Service Excellence

We help you streamline your service practices and deliver enhanced customer experiences, through robust service strategies and employee training programs.
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Quality Management

We provide direction on how to operate at higher standards, monitor quality of processes, meet compliance requirements and achieve quality certification.
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We provide direction on how to foster innovation culture, create innovation systems and tap into the creativity of your employees and clients to solve current challenges and address new market needs.
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