Cultural Change

Managing organizational cultural change effectively to align culture with strategy and stucture
 Cultural Change
Managing Organization Culture Through Change

As the economy keeps on changing, companies should always change their strategies and structures to stay on top of their game. With that, cultural change is inevitable to ensure success of the change initiatives. However, if not planned and orchestrated well, cultural shift will fail and the results of any change will not be achieved. We help organizations implement positive cultural change and operate more effectively by offering consultancy services, development programs and supportive tools.

How we help

We support our clients during all stages of culture change -
Before- to plan effective cultural change plans that aligns people to strategy
– to communicate change effectively, and ensure that people, processes and structures are aligned to execute change
- to manage the response to change and design associated interventions

We guide organizations on how to align people with organizational change & strategy to ensure positive and highly effective cultural change initiatives

what we offer

Our advisory services in driving cultural change

Organization development

We reshape the organization to align with the change vision by creating updated reporting structures, enhancing decision rules and rights and updating job descriptions
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HR Advisory & Talent Management

Building a solid foundation to ensure cultural shift through updating compensation & rewards, processes & procedures, performance management system, competencies, and assessments
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Change Management

End-to-end management of the cultural change initiative including stakeholder management, engagment & communication plans, change toolkits, recognition & rewards programs & workshop plans
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Employee Learning & Training

Creating learning interventions for employees, managers and leadership teams to introduce change and empower them with critical skills and tools such as coping with change, mastering strategic change, coaching your team through change, etc...
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Supporting Tools

Providing supportive tools to ensure positive cultural change such as videos & animations, marketing & branding the initiative, events facilitation & motivational boot camps to announce, motivate, rally and support change
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