Organization Design

Organizations designed for optimal performance

An organizations performance is determined to a large extent by the effectiveness of its underlying structures, and the choice and placement of systems, procedures and people that need to work together in unison. A well-oiled organization is one that has its various parts running together in harmony, creating an efficient and smooth flow of work and information.

Building effective organization architecture involves creating frameworks that enable optimal use of resources and maximize performance of people through clear communication and reporting lines. An optimal structure is drawn from the nature of the organization and aligned with its goals. It plays up a companys strengths, minimize the impact of its constraints, and improves productivity and efficiency.

Organization design encompasses both a forward and outward looking approach, providing enough flexibility to allow for agility and innovation. It offers room for the organization to adapt and improve aspects of the business, and positions it well in meeting oncoming market needs and trends and achieving future goals.


How we help in creating effective frameworks

MENTOR works closely with organizations to create a framework that supports business goals, and implements effective authority matrices and communication lines. We conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify elements hindering performance, and recommend targeted changes to improve productivity and profitability. Our consulting team provides direction on redesigning organizational structures, processes and procedures, job structures, job descriptions, salary scales, and performance management. And in order to encourage effective and lasting change, we also steer organizations through the process of implementing these improved structures and ensure that sufficient awareness and understanding is achieved with all stakeholders.

Organization Design

We can help you plan and implement the most efficient structure for your organization.