Organization Design

Creating better organizations from the ground up
 Organization Design
Organizations designed for optimal performance

An organization's performance is determined to a large extent by the effectiveness of its underlying structures, and the choice and placement of systems, procedures and people that need to work together in unison. A well-oiled organization is one that has its various parts working together in harmony, creating an efficient and smooth flow of work and information.

How we help

We work with our clients to design and implement new organization architecture and operational processes that enable optimal use of resources and maximize employee performance. We do this in a way to align with business goals, plays up the organization's strengths, and improve productivity and efficiency. Our forward looking approach offers flexibility for constant improvement, agility and innovation, and positions organizations well to meet oncoming market needs and trends.

We guide organizations on how to implement streamlined structures and optimized operations that have a direct impact on business performance.

what we offer

Our advisory services in organizational design and development

Organization structure

Reshaping organizations through streamlined structures that logically arrange activities and people and support business strategy. The new structure establishes the optimal system for hierarchy, grouping of activities and flow of information within the organization.

Job structure

Building a solid foundation for all aspects of human resources management, that defines and classifies jobs and their requirements and benefits, and facilitates talent management and development.
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Business process re-engineering

Comprehensive review and analysis of processes in all offices, business units, and departments to identify areas hindering performance, and a re-design that enhances communication, collaboration, and task completion.

Policies and procedures development

Establishing guidelines for organizations to follow for various business processes, followed by an analysis of procedures and documentation through standard operating procure manuals, in order to provide clear step-by-step instructions on how every task within operations is to be completed and by whom.


On-the-ground presence of organizational development consultants throughout the entire duration of the project to develop deep understanding of your business, guide the process and support with change management.

Cost Optimization

Businesses have to contend with a variety of economic challenges, market driving forces and internal changes on an ongoing basis, in order to survive and remain competitive. These factors drive organizations to maximize their unique value, reduce costs and optimize the way they operate.

An effective organization is one that is able to achieve optimal balance in creating a competitive cost structure, implementing an effective strategy and investing in its future goals.

We help organizations in their pursuit of a desired and realistic level of effectiveness. We provide direction on how to create sustainable improvement by identifying opportunities to maximize the utilization, efficiency and effectiveness of all deployed resources along four dimensions of the organizational framework, namely structure, workforce, processes and technology.

Organization Structure

An effective organization structure is one that aligns with business goals, implements efficient workflows, enables the optimal use of resources, and maximizes employee performance. An optimized organization structure amplifies the company's strengths, minimizes the impact of its constraints, and improves productivity and efficiency.

Creating optimized company charts and structures allows the organization to adapt and improve aspects of the business, and positions it well to meet oncoming market needs and trends and achieve future goals.

We work in partnership with clients to create and update the organization structures to ensure they support business goals, address challenges and implement best practices. We conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify elements hindering performance, and recommend specific changes to improve productivity and profitability. This involves implementing improved organization charts, setting functional roles and responsibilities, and reporting channels.

Business Process Engineering

Organizations have to evolve and adapt to an increasingly wired world, globalization, intensifying competition, higher service expectations, and more demanding customers. They also need to look inward for ways to reduce operational costs, speed up production and response cycles, and improve quality and competitiveness.

Through business process re-engineering, we help organizations meet these challenges, with a comprehensive review and redesign of business processes and their workflows to achieve dramatic improvements in operations and output. We take a holistic view, ensuring processes are aligned and connect seamlessly, and focusing on implementing technology and business process automation for greater efficiency.

Our business process engineering involves a detailed analysis of processes and identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement. From this, we develop:
a) Department and process charts that list main processes in each department and function
b) Workflow charts that outline process steps and procedures, along with authorities and responsibilities.

Policies and Procedures Development

Policies and procedures serve as guidelines on how the organization should conduct its business. They help companies accomplish objectives, reflect values, ensure consistency in the method and quality of operations, and establish accountability in task performance.

Policy statements provide a general overview of the companys approach and intentions on a certain issue or function, while general procedures and standard operating procedures translate this general perspective into specific decisions and actions performed in day-to-day operations, outlining the steps, methods and employee roles involved.

Our consultants create and document your organizational policies and procedures to help you establish guidelines to promote task execution in the most effective manner, that aligns with strategic goals, reduces process time and cost, and maximizes quality of process deliverables. This also supports compliance with health, safety, legal and regulatory requirements, and encourages greater accountability, transparency and quality assurance.

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