Policies & Procedures

Creating clear guidelines for company operations

Policies and procedures play an important role in the running of any organization, by serving as guidelines on how the organization should conduct its business. They help companies accomplish goals, reflect values, ensure consistency and uniformity in the method and quality of operations, and establish accountability in task performance.

While policy statements provide a general overview of the companys approach and intentions on a certain issue or function, procedures work to interpret this general perspective into decisions and actions performed in day-to-day operations, outlining the methods to achieve them and the employee roles required to perform them. An additional level of information can also be provided through standard operating procedures that include step-by-step instructions on how to perform specific processes or tasks.


Defining the steps to optimum task performance

After establishing a solid understanding of the organization structure, the current state of operations, and the intended business direction, MENTOR helps companies to establish the most effective guidelines to follow for their various business processes.

We help with both creating new policies and procedures and with reviewing existing ones to enhance them or accommodate changes in operations. We document and communicate these guidelines to relevant stakeholders through standard operating procedure documents and procedure manuals.

The guidelines that we create promote task execution in the most effective manner, that aligns with strategic goals, reduces process time and cost, and maximizes quality of process deliverables. They also support our clients in complying with health and safety, legal and regulatory requirements, and help them implement greater accountability, transparency and quality assurance.

Policies & Procedures

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