Quality Management

Setting the standards for quality

The quality of a product or service delivered to a customer often provides an accurate indication of the quality standards applied in all aspects of that business. This is because the creation of the end-product involves so much of the organizations processes and people, and is collectively influenced and determined by the quality standards followed in each of these individual areas.

When the practice of quality assurance is applied to an organization in its entirety, it reshapes the way the various aspects of the business are run. It determines how business goals are identified and achievements measured, how processes are defined and procedures followed, and ultimately the quality of the product that reaches the customer and how it rates against competitors.

MENTOR provides direction to organizations on how to operate at higher quality standards and obtain international quality certification.


Maintaining and measuring quality

Having a quality management system in place ensures that quality is a key consideration at all levels of the organization and that it is ingrained into the work culture. It also quantifies quality, by defining specific standards that need to be met and outlining the processes to achieve this.

MENTOR provides advisory services on systems such as Total Quality Management, ISO 9001:2008 and EFQM Excellence Model. Companies that we have worked with have been able to successfully meet quality assurance benchmarks and receive certification within months of implementing quality management systems.


The process of introducing quality

Our quality assurance specialists carry out environmental scans on current practices of organizations, assess the needs for building a quality assurance framework and support the establishment of a quality management system that meets international standards.

Our services cover process mapping and documentation, and procedure manual and guideline development. We help you define quality objectives, evaluate performance, highlight areas for possible enhancement and lead a continuous improvement cycle.

MENTOR's also provides a proprietary online tool that facilitates the implementation of quality management systems and encourages compliance with processes and procedures.

Quality Management

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