Quality Management

Elevating standards and ensuring consistency in performance and production quality
 Quality Management
Maintaining and measuring quality

Quality assurance sets the standards for how the various aspects of an organization are run. It determines how business goals are identified and achievements measured, how processes are defined and procedures followed, and ultimately the quality of the product or service that reaches the customer and how it rates against competitors.

Quality is a critical factor in the reputation of an organization, and in its evaluation by clients and partners and their decision to conduct business with it. Having a quality management system in place ensures that quality is a key consideration at all levels of the organization and that it is ingrained into the work culture. It also quantifies quality, by defining specific standards that need to be met and outlining the processes to achieve this.

How we help

We provide consultancy to public and private organizations on how to operate at higher quality standards and qualify for excellence awards and international quality certification. We perform comprehensive quality audits and help clients introduce new systems to raise standards in all operational processes.

Our advisory services cover systems such as Total Quality Management, ISO and EFQM Excellence Model. Our clients have been able to successfully meet quality assurance benchmarks and receive certification within months of implementing quality management systems that we have developed.

We provide advisory services on quality assurance and guide the implementation of new systems to improve performance, achieve certification or qualify for excellence awards.

what we offer

A variety of ways to help raise performance and quality at your organization

Quality audit

We conduct comprehensive scans on current practices, to ensure quality management systems are effective, support goals, and conform to various requirements. We help with setting quality standards, process mapping, process and procedure manual development, performance evaluation, and implementing a continuous improvement cycle.

Quality certification

We help organizations qualify for specific international quality certification. This involves developing effective management systems; introducing policies, procedures and performance indicators; implementing best practices, and identifying ongoing improvement opportunities.

Excellence awards

We work with clients to help them qualify for excellence awards organized at a national or industry level. We ensure that a deep understanding of requirements is achieved, the right internal frameworks are in place to outperform the competition, and strict compliance with the qualification process.

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