Sales Performance

Elevate Your Sales Performance for Revenue Growth
 Sales Performance
Creating strong on-the-ground presence

Sales are the lifeblood of business success, making the optimization of sales operations and teams a top priority for organizations. Sales not only drive revenue but also shape customer perceptions through personal interactions. Effective sales operations are aligned with marketing and project delivery, serving as a valuable source of market intelligence through their on-the-ground presence. They require driven teams with strong sales and negotiation skills, and deep knowledge of the company's offerings, customer needs, market trends, and competitors.

At MENTOR, we understand the pivotal role of sales in business growth and offer comprehensive sales performance advisory services to enhance your sales function, gain market insights, and develop high-performing teams.

How we help

Transforming Sales Performance, Step by Step. Our sales performance advisory services encompass a holistic approach to elevate your sales capabilities, starting with a deep dive into your current performance and identifying bottlenecks and gaps. We supplement this analysis with customized training programs that sharpen executive sales and communication skills and equip managers with sales planning and team motivation expertise.

Our training also focuses on fostering a profound understanding of your organization's market position, offerings, and competitors. We aim to empower your salesforce to present your products or services effectively.

Explore how we can help you create efficient sales operations and empower a motivated and skilled sales force.

what we offer

Our Comprehensive Sales Performance Solutions


Leverage the Sales Profile-R psychometric assessment to measure your employees' sales potential, competencies, and motivations. This assessment can be conducted both before and after training to gauge the impact of learning.
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Performance Analysis

Benefit from a comprehensive analysis of your sales operations and product portfolio. Our assessment includes client management consultations and mystery shopper exercises to evaluate sales performance and benchmark it against competitors. Receive a detailed report highlighting identified gaps.


Our training programs encompass a combination of specialized workshops, field courses, and product and process guides tailored for sales managers and front-liners. Sales training enhances various sales-related skills and planning capabilities, while product training fosters in-depth knowledge of your organization's offerings, sales processes, cross-selling opportunities, and competitive landscape.
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Elevate engagement and goal achievement with one-on-one coaching for sales front-liners and managers. This coaching can be conducted post-assessment and training, offering personalized guidance to enhance performance.
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