Sales Performance

Boosting revenue though effective sales operations
 Sales Performance
Creating strong on-the-ground presence

Because strong sales are vital to business success, most organizations work tirelessly to create the best sales operations and teams possible.

Sales are a key driver of revenue and, put simply, the single most important objective of most organizations. Sales teams are also important representatives of an organization, shaping perceptions through their personal and one-to-one interaction with customers.

An effective sales operation is one that is aligned with other business activities, such as marketing and project delivery, and acts as a key source of market intelligence due to its presence on the ground. It involves a team that is driven, has strong selling and negotiation skills, and is knowledgeable not only on the companys offering, but also on customer needs, market trends and competitors.

How we help

Our sales performance advisory services involve a comprehensive review of the sales function, competitor analysis, performance benchmarking, customer feedback collection, in order to achieve a thorough understanding of current performance and identify bottlenecks and gaps.

To this, we add an educational layer through customized training that helps executives sharpen sales and communication skills, and managers develop sales planning and team motivation capabilities.

Training also involves establishing a strong grasp of the organizations and competitors' market positions, a solid understanding of the organization's offering and the ability to present it well.

We help you create efficient sales operations that align with complementary business functions, and employ a motivated and skilled sales force.

what we offer

Our services in sales performance


Sales Profile-R psychometric assessment exercises to measure employees sales potential, competencies and motivations. This can be done pre and post training to measure learning impact.
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Performance Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of sales operations and product portfolio, carried out through meetings with client management and mystery shopper exercises to evaluate sales performance and benchmark against competitors, with a report on gaps identified.


A combination of specialized workshops, field courses and product and process guides for sales managers and front-liners. Sales training improves various sales related and planning skills, while product training establishes in-depth knowledge of the organization's offering, sales processes, cross selling opportunities, and competitors.
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One-to-one coaching for sales front-liners and managers, that can be done post assessment and training, to promote higher engagement and goal achievement.
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Looking to build dynamic sales operations that boost company revenue? We'll analyze your sales performance and identify the weak links.