Empowering People

Creating and growing the right workforce to achieve business goals.

enriching talent

enriching talent

Establishing frameworks to engage company leaders and employees

People make up the basic building blocks of any organization, with their ideas, skills and efforts coming together to collectively determine its identity and performance. The better each unit is and the greater the cohesion among these various units, the higher the performance of the company.

At MENTOR, we help organizations to manage and maximize the value of this key resource. We guide you on the best ways to attract and retain top talent, and grow and develop it through career planning and employee learning. We also ensure that your people are aligned with your strategic goals, with knowledge and talent specifically selected and situated to support the organization's various functions and overall business goals.  

Human Resource Management

Our HRM consultancy lays down the most effective strategies, structures and systems for all activities relating to employee acquisition, assessment, development and retention.
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Talent Management

We help companies to determine appropriate strategies and actions that cover the entire employment cycle and create an engaged, productive and knowledgeable workforce.
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Employee Assessment

Individual performance can only be driven through accurate employee assessment, using a range of tools, during the selection, appraisal, training and career development of staff.
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Leadership Development

We help you develop strong leaders able to drive their teams towards business goals, through succession planning, people assessment, training programs and mentoring and coaching.
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Insourcing & Outsourcing

Our consultants and trainers expedite change in organizations, transfer skills and knowledge to client teams, and provide on-the-ground direction on major transformation projects.
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Onboarding & Nationalization

Our orientation programs facilitate entry of new recruits, accelerate their integration, and support nationalization initiatives, using a variety of training tools and formats.
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