Employee Assessment

Understanding and evaluating your workforce

Assessment is a vital component of the selection, appraisal, training and career development of employees. Used to identify and evaluate their personalities, skills, aptitudes and future goals, it is instrumental in providing HR teams with a deep understanding and quantifiable evaluation of the diverse range of people working within an organization.

MENTOR’s assessment solutions are designed around specific client objectives and HR models, and can be based on the organization’s competency model where applicable. They incorporate a range of tools such as psychometric tests, simulation exercises, job sample tests, case studies and group workshops, offered through an automated platform, face-to-face structured interviews, or assessment and development centers.

MENTOR also offers the option of using its proprietary online competency assessment tool, designed by assessment experts and customized to fit an organization’s competency framework and assessment objectives. The tool provides 24x7 access to assessment, generates quick automated reports, and incorporates tools such as online assessment centers, dynamic assessment and self-evaluation. This tool can be used independently or incorporated into a talent management system (read about our talent and learning management system). 


Improving performance through measurement

Assessment plays an important role throughout the entire employee lifecycle: it is used to identify the most qualified employment candidates, measure current performance of employees, determine learning and development needs, establish a basis for future goal setting and expectations for the employee and assess grounds for promotions and terminations.

The benefits of an effective assessment practice are numerous: it ensures a good understanding of employee personalities, skills and aspirations, better alignment with job requirements, more accurate performance evaluation, higher job satisfaction and motivation through individual goal-setting, better staff retention and ultimately higher revenue for the company. It is an important driver of higher performance at an individual level and collectively for the organization as a whole.


Competency-based Assessment

Many organizations follow a competency-based approach to people assessment. In this instance, competency modeling serves as the foundation of the assessment process. Competency-based assessment is developed around the competency standards identified for a specific role and evaluates the potential or readiness of an individual for that role.

A competency-based system benefits both employer and employee because it establishes a transparent blueprint for recruitment, job expectations, performance evaluation, and advancement paths. Personal judgment and subjectivity are minimized, creating a more positive work environment. Competency-based assessment also facilitates the creation of effective training programs for employees. 

Employee Assessment

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