Human Resource Management

Supporting people through the right structures and systems

Because human capital is considered as one of the most important resources in an organization, it is crucial to have robust systems and processes in place to proficiently manage this asset, ensure its alignment with business goals, and maximize its value.

Since this involves a broad scope of activities that affect large numbers of people, establishing an effective HR operation is no easy task to achieve for most organizations.

MENTOR provides consultancy services on all aspects of establishing a human resource management framework to ensure smooth interaction and management of the various people employed.


Our suite of HR services

The HR function in an organization works to enhance the work environment in a number of ways, including streamlining all aspects of employee relations, adopting practices that encourage employee engagement and satisfaction, and creating and communicating clear organizational and role-specific standards and expectations.

MENTORs human resource management advisory services help companies to create the right plans and systems used in employing and managing people, more specifically in the following areas:

Human Resource Management
  • HR strategy, policies and procedures
  • Job analysis, description, evaluation and grading
  • Remuneration: salary structure, benefits and rewards
  • Recruitment
  • Learning and development
  • Assessment
  • Performance management

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