Leadership Development

Empowering the Power Players

Organizations are greatly shaped by their leaders. Directors and managers possess the potential to steer an organization in a desired direction and radically influence strategy and goals. They play a major role in forming the companys public image and setting the tone for its internal culture. Strong company leaders can set a strong positive example internally and instill drive, passion and loyalty in the people they lead. With so much interest at stake, organizations must invest in developing the capabilities of these top influencers.

MENTOR helps organizations to develop successful current and future leaders that can effectively drive others towards achieving business goals. We do this through an integrated approach that combines various elements such as succession planning, competency-based people assessment, leadership training programs and mentoring and coaching.

We also take a highly individualized approach to growing and developing leaders, and one way that we do this is through the StrengthsFinder Program. Based on a system developed by Gallup, the program focuses on creating customized training and coaching plans that build on leaders strengths instead of focusing on overcoming weaknesses, and determine ways to maximize the unique benefits of each leader and manager in the workplace. Read more about our StrengthsFinder program.

Find out more about our employee assessment approach, our leadership training programs, and mentoring and coaching programs.

Leadership Development

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