Easier integration of new employees

Corporate orientation programs offer numerous benefits to organizations and their employees. They have a direct impact on how quickly new employees are integrated and able to add value to the business in their different roles. They also minimize disruption to work routines by creating more knowledgeable and skilled workers faster, and by reducing the effort needed from other team members to bring new joiners up to speed. In this way, orientation programs shorten the learning curve of new recruits, making them more productive earlier and saving the organization time and money.

In addition, the nature of a new joiners early experience at the workplace sets the tone for the relationship in the long run, playing an important role in shaping first impressions, and job satisfaction and productivity later on.


Program Structure

MENTORs orientation training programs are specifically designed to facilitate entry of new recruits and accelerate their integration. They also support nationalization initiatives that bring in large numbers of fresh university graduates into sectors such as government and banking in GCC countries. They do this by equipping new joiners with specific technical and systems skills that are often required immediately, and greatly lessening the initial burden of onboarding.

Our orientation programs are carried out through a variety of formats such as workshops, E-learning and digital learning media, and mentoring and coaching programs. They facilitate onboarding of employees in 3 different stages:

  • Initiation - serves as a welcome, possibly in the form of a video, providing an overview of the organization, its operations, products and services, systems, and HR related areas.
  • Instruction - delivers workshops and E-learning programs that address specific skill and information needs.
  • Integration - promotes ongoing learning through customized training programs, one-to-one mentoring and coaching, and regular assessment.

Read more about our training workshops, E-learning, and mentoring and coaching programs.

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