External boost to achieve critical objectives

Insourcing and outsourcing business processes offers numerous benefits to organizations. Commissioning a process or project for a period of time to an external party can often make all the difference in turning ambitious plans and objectives into reality.

Through dedicated full-time team members stationed either within or out of the client organization, MENTOR has worked with various government and private organizations to put into action new functions and programs for them.


Insourcing versus Outsourcing

Organizations choose to outsource processes and tasks, due to limitations in time, resources, infrastructure, expertise and budget. Contracting the required work to an external specialized company not only provides additional manpower and required expertise, but saves time and money and provides a valuable and objective viewpoint on the execution of work.

Insourcing goes a step further and brings external resources in-house. It provides added convenience, better integration with the organizations people, processes and systems, and enables the insourced team to develop a deeper understanding of the organization and to effectively operate as an extension of the workforce.


Providing direction on major change initiatives

Our team of consultants and trainers expedite the change process in organizations, effectively transfer skills and knowledge to client teams, and provide on-the-ground guidance.

MENTORs team members are often stationed within client organizations to provide direction throughout the planning and introduction of new organization structures, processes, systems and training programs.

We have a number of on-site teams within our key client organizations, that are assigned with comprehensively managing HR functions, such as learning and development and people assessment, on a long-term basis.


Interim management: Short-term solutions for senior positions

Organizations often seek temporary talent to meet urgent senior recruitment requirements until long-term solutions are more easily available. Hiring interim executives with proven track records and relevant experience is an ideal way to bring in the required expertise and enable the implementation and supervision of important action plans immediately.

MENTORs network of senior experts and talented professionals can be engaged to work on temporary assignments in various locations. Through our network, organizations can connect with experts in a wide range of industries, sectors and business areas, such as business transformation, human resources, strategy development, finance, information technology, sales and marketing, and project / program management.

A key element of our approach to interim management is our knowledge transfer plan, which takes into consideration the importance of continuity and enables permanent employees to learn while shadowing interim management.


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