Corporate Performance Management

Ensuring business functions & processes are aligned with strategy

A good plan is only ever as good as its implementation in real life. Similarly, a solid and well thought out corporate strategy can only deliver real impact when it is constantly and correctly applied to all aspects of the business.  Making sure that a company remains aligned with its business strategy and consistently achieves its targets is a necessity for any successful organization, and one that is achieved through Corporate Performance Management (CPM).

CPM encompasses the various processes and systems that manage and monitor the performance of an organization. Performance measurement can be based on the Balanced Scorecard methodology, follow various management frameworks such as EFQM Excellence model or Six Sigma, and can be measured through achievement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) .  

The role of corporate performance management works hand in hand with the project management office (PMO) in an organization to ensure project synergy with business strategy. (Read more about our services in project management).


How we help with corporate performance monitoring and measurement

MENTOR’s performance specialists help organizations to implement CPM by putting in place the systems, processes and controls required to regularly measure and evaluate business activity. We ensure that the practice of continuous inspection on performance is embedded in the organization, to help achieve its plans and objectives.

Automating this process can make it significantly easier and more effective in the long run. MENTOR’s proprietary online CPM tool provides executive management with a quick and focused update on the key activities that reflect organizational performance.  It enables them to oversee performance on strategic initiatives and projects, and monitor activity in key business areas. Read more about our online CPM tool.

Corporate Performance Management

We help you align operations with strategic goals and monitor performance.

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