Capability Building for Mentors

Training senior executives to become coaches for new joiners

MENTOR designed and delivered a 1-day training workshop for enhancing coaching skills for a global strategy and policy advisory firm who developed an internal coaching program for new employees. The new joiners will receive guidance from a coach for one year to facilitate their integration into the company and help them to better understand expectations from the firm and the tools and techniques to succeed in consulting.

Given the fact that the workshop was delivered to a small group of people we were able to create a highly interactive learning environment that allowed us to focus on enhancing the relevant skills of each participant.

The workshop began with a presentation of the client's coaching program and then it tackled the fundamentals of coaching and mentorship, interpersonal skills, communication and active listening, effective questioning and concluded with role play activities and discussions.

Our trainer worked on enhancing the skills required to conduct an impactful coaching session and ensuring that the coachee will have a positive experience. It tackled skills such

  • how to structure a coaching session
  • how to communicate with your coachee
  • how to successfully on-board new joiner as a new asset to the company.

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Capability Building for Mentors

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