Capacity Building and Training Program for Internal Mentors

A training program to empower and build the skills of internal mentors and support mentorship program success


Our client, a leading construction company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has designed a corporate mentorship program to ensure proper transfer of knowledge between senior employees (mentors) and younger employees (mentees) who are viewed as the future leaders of the organization. The mentors should support the younger employees in their ongoing projects and tasks and commit to providing needful advise, technical knowledge and guidance to ensure their development.

The Training Program

Mentor designed a two-days training program in order to train the mentors on the essential skills of mentoring, help them understand the critical role they play in the success of the program by sharing their knowledge and supporting the development of their mentees.

The training was focused on explaining the mentorship cycle, the essential skills of a successful mentor and what he/she needs to do during each stage of the program in order to succeed.

The training was designed to be experiential and included a lot of activities and play role exercises to build the essential communication skills for a successful mentor.


The training workshop participants overwhelmingly agreed that the program has improved their skills and that it was a very helpful training that have equipped them with essential skills and knowledge needed to start the mentorship program successfully.

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Capacity Building and Training Program for Internal Mentors

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