Customer Service Enhancement Program to Assess and Train Employees

Customized training program to enhance customer service and increase customer satisfaction across all service channels

Client Need

In line with its efforts to implement the vision of the UAE Government to promote happiness and wellbeing and enhance customer service across all government entity outlets, our client, a prominent federal entity, wanted to enhance customer service skills of its employees, who offer service across various channels (online, tele, face-to-face, etc..). The client was also interested in assessing current capabilities and competencies of its team to determine gaps, identify outstanding customer service representatives and improve customer service skills for all employees.

Our Solution

Mentor learning and development experts designed a two-phased program approach. First, we assessed the employees to test their customer service innate skills in order to check where are the gaps and which employees had natural tendencies to become great customer service professionals. Competencies such as adaptation, emotional intelligence, resilience, etc where measured by a psychometric online assessment.

Following the assessment, an interactive employee training was designed to help participants to expand their understanding on customers service, enhance their skills and develop outstanding communication skills. The program was designed in a way -

  • To help participants become professional customer service staff.
  • To support participants evaluate the client personality that will result into better service, and hence, more customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • To help the participants retain customers by learning listening and questioning techniques to resolve the customer problems in effective and harmonic way.

Program Results

The results have shown an overall positive feedback on the gained set of knowledge and personality development skills. Most of the participants asked to take further training in this area as they felt it has given them a richer and wider range information that they can benefit from on the job. Additionally our report showed top 10 employees who scored highest on the competencies mostly related to providing customer service which helped management determine how to allocate the resources internally after the training.

Customer Service Service Excellence Training

Customer Service Enhancement Program to Assess and Train Employees

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