Field Course on Customer Journey for Bank's Service Team

Experiential learning approach takes employees through customer journey

As part of MENTOR's experiential learning approach, an engaging and interactive field course was designed to support a customer service training program for a UAE bank.

This one-day course focused on the customer service journey, and involved employees visiting various banks in the role of prospective customers, inquiring about services and evaluating the experience.

It also involved visiting successful organizations in other industries to observe and analyze shared elements in effective customer service. By placing participants in the role of customers and giving them a hands-on experience to support theoretical training content, employees were given a new perspective on the subject and were challenged to come up with solutions to issues and identify good practices witnessed during their experience.

The field course worked well to compliment other elements of the training program and offered a welcome change from traditional training formats.

Bank Finance Customer Service Learning Training Program Talent

Field Course on Customer Journey for Bank's Service Team

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