HR Consultancy Services for finance company based in Saudi Arabia

Developing policies, procedures, work flowcharts, KPIs and job descriptions to enhance HR operations


Our client, a Real-Estate Financing Company in KSA needed to enhance HR operations to equip HR team with tools to put the organization on the path to achieving the KSA 2030 Vision by aligning processes, people, KPIs and strategy.

Our Solution

Through our partner is KSA, MENTOR implemeted a 4-months project to help transform the HR business unit adopt the highest ethical standards of business practices and ensure the smooth implementation of business policies and procedures in a professional manner.

The project was managed by our senior consulting team, and carried out as follows:

1.Department KPIs : Developing departmental KPIs for each department and sub-department (up to 20 different KPIs per department) linked to strategic objectives to define the measurement tool for assessing the performance of the department and associated employees.

2.Job Descriptions: Reviewing existing job descriptions and creating new one based on the newly developed structure. The JDs were written in a way that enabled the client to easily change them in the future if needed and to reflect the key accountabilities required by each position.

3.HR Department Policies and Procedures: Defining policies, procedures, forms & flowcharts for all HR areas including Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Codes of Conduct, Grievance process, Compensation & Benefits, Performance Management and Learning and Development.

Our team also assisted in implementation by providing methodology documents for each deliverable which included the approach and responsibilities to help the client stakeholders to successfully implement the project.

HR Consultancy Services for finance company  based in Saudi Arabia

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