Innovation & Creativity Booster Workshop

Employee training program to enhance creativity and creative thinking

Client Need

Our client, a leading higher education firm in UAE, wanted to conduct boost creativity and innovation of its staff in order to elevate its offering and to ensure that the employees are equipped with the creativity tools and mindset to help move the university to next level and proactively address challenges and issues.

Our Solutions

Mentor's trainers developed a two-day workshop aimed to emphasize the importance of creativity and innovation in business, and focused on using individual and group techniques to generate and develop creative ideas.

The training workshop also presented problem-solving techniques and helped the participants to –

  • Acknowledge their creative potential
  • Use mind mapping as a way to find creative ideas
  • Learn specific strategies to identify problems, their causes and effects
  • Getting to the root of a problem quickly
  • Resolve simple and difficult problems
  • Analyse situations to find suitable solutions that would prevent the problem arising again

The workshop was conducted in an experiential and fun way to support and promote individual creative skills and shed light on how team-approach to creativity helps solve problems faster.


The course taught the participants new strategies to become innovative and creative. They recognized the need for creative thinking and gained confidence to propose their innovative ideas to upper management, thus speeding the process of positive change in the organization. It also improved their communication, analytical and problem solving skills. Using the new techniques and advanced knowledge they learned from our professionals, the participants will save time and effort when dealing with problems and become creative thinkers.

Innovation & Creativity Booster Workshop

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