Organization Design & HR Advisory Services for IT Company in Saudi Arabia

Creating organization structure, KPIs & HR strategy to elevate the company to next level and meet leaders' aspirations

MENTOR was tasked with providing HR advisory services to help transform the HR business unit of an IT Company that supports all other subsidiaries of one of the biggest business groups in KSA. Company leaders aim to transform the organization in order to meet market challenges and help in transforming HR from an operation unit to a key driver for change.
The project was managed by our senior consulting team, and carried out as follows:

1.HR Situational and Gap Analysis: revision of all documentation on existing strategy, quality management, operations, objectives, KPIs, activities, systems and performance of departments and an extensive data collection exercise, with interviews and focus groups held with key stakeholders, to identify key strengths, weaknesses, shortfalls and bottlenecks of the process flow for every operation.

2.Organization Redesign: comprehensive re-design of the organization structure of JISC, focused on leaner/ more efficient hierarchy, and developing detailed job descriptions for every role along with the relevant KPIs for each department.

3.HR Strategy – creating an HR strategy, considering current market conditions and the vision of the company to transition from a service provider to a profit generating entity. The new strategy encompassed aligned strategic objectives of the company and the holding, and is designed to put more focus on performance and profitability.

MENTOR’s solution has helped the company leaders in creating a roadmap that will be followed to creating next level organization that is optimized and ready for the challenges and aspirations of its leaders. By aligning processes, people, and strategy, the company now is more confident in its future and value to the group.

Organization Design & HR Advisory Services for IT Company in Saudi Arabia

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