Performance Management System Training

Training employees on use of performance management system and associated competencies

MENTOR organized a series of workshops to train ministry staff on use of the federal government systems for performance management, and understand the updates in FAHR competency framework and apply it on PM process.


Our experienced trainer provided hands-on training on Bayanati system for total of 71 employees at the ministry in 3 locations; Sharjah, Fujairah & Abu Dhabi.

Additional to system training, the employees were trained on the following topics

  • Performance management process, objective and stages
  • How to set SMART objectives
  • How to integrate behavioral and technical competencies in the performance management process


MENTOR teams deep knowledge of the federal governments competency frameworks and the system were key to understanding the challenges in implementing the system and providing accurate guidance and training on them. The training program was able to achieve its goals in empowering ministry staff with comprehensive knowledge and capacity building to ensure the drive to use the system an implement it

Performance Management System Training