Salary Benchmark to Enhance Employer Brand

Conducted salary benchmark exercise to help our client attract, motivate and retain the best talent in the market

Client Need

Our client is one of the leading international companies in skincare & beauty industry. The HR team was seeking a local and regional salary benchmarking with companies in similar industries. The salary benchmark would help the company to recruit new employees at the right salary and ensure that its rewarding its existing employees appropriately in order to retain key talent.

Our Solution

Our team of HR consultants and researchers conducted a salary benchmarking exercise to address the client's need. As part of the salary benchmarking exercise, Mentor's team analyzed 83 unique job positions using different tools and data sets.

The positions were benchmarked against data points from last 12 months and with over 300 employers and more than 500 similar positions in UAE,GCC, and Middle East from the healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, skin care, retail, and medical industries.


Our HR consulting solution helped our client adjust the current salary scheme to position themselves correctly and to attract, motivate and retain the best talent in the market and empower their employer brand. It also allowed the client to improve retention rates and workforce satisfaction and bring current salaries in line with market reality.

Salary Benchmark to Enhance Employer Brand

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