Shaping the HR practice of a new player in the space sector

Comprehensive HR framework creates a firm foundation for future growth and local talent development.

MENTOR was asked to help create a comprehensive framework for the human resource management function of a newly established national space agency. This involved creating the relevant systems and processes and providing solutions in the areas of competency modeling, job structure, career planning, performance management, assessment, and rewards.

The agency was founded to develop the local space sector within its country of operation, and faced a unique situation of being a pioneer in the sector within its region, while having to compete with established international players.

One of the main challenges in building its HR management practice was the lack of existing references that were relevant to the industry and region. The organization also needed to create HR frameworks that would accommodate future growth, achieve its goal of developing local home-grown talent within the space sector, comply with local government requirements and adopt global HR best practices.

MENTOR worked with a team of US-based subject matter experts from the space industry to enhance and develop a comprehensive HR and job structure, with a focus on implementing best practices and specialized knowledge.

In order to achieve the clients objectives, MENTOR undertook the following assignments.

Developing a Behavioral & Technical Competency Framework

The first phase began with a data collection exercise and review of the existing job structure and job roles. A review of previous job descriptions and a series of interviews with all departments was used to inform the development of a behavioral and technical competency framework covering all roles within the organization. A total of 9 behavioral competencies were defined with 7 proficiency levels, while a total of 97 technical competencies were identified with 4 proficiency levels, all of which were compliant with regulatory HR requirements.

Developing Job Descriptions

A review of existing job descriptions led to a comprehensive update, based on data gathered from each department within the organization. The result was a total of 50 revised and relevant job descriptions, with each position mapped to the newly defined competencies. MENTOR also adjusted current titles and grouped jobs into job families.

Conducting Job Analysis & Developing Career Paths

Following an internationally adopted approach, MENTOR conducted a job analysis across the organization and updated the grading structure accordingly. With thorough evaluation, career paths were defined, offering employees multiple professional pathways in administrative, technical, and leadership.

Developing a Performance Management Process and Performance Reward Guidelines

MENTOR developed a performance management process that complied with federal requirements and best practices. We also created a fully customized performance reward structure that recognized and encouraged unique skill sets required by the agency, with the aim of promoting the growth of the space sector amongst youth.

Designing Competency-Based Assessment

A key application of the competency framework that we created was in assessing employees and enhancing capabilities to above the standards required. This was achieved through a customized online assessment tool, that identified areas for improvement and the training required to improve employees capabilities. MENTOR managed the assessment of 60 employees in total.

A winning outcome that creates a firm foundation for talent expansion and development

MENTORs team of HR professionals and international subject matter experts delivered a winning solution that ensures the agency is moving in a direction to achieve its mandates. The outcome was a unique set of deliverables that met local government requirements and addressed the organizations imminent needs, thus promoting its ability to participate and compete globally.

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Shaping the HR practice of a new player in the space sector

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