Soft Skills Training for University Students & Staff

Fun and interactive training workshops to enhance capabilities and job-related skills and competencies

Under a long-term contract with one of the leading educational institutions in UAE, Mentor delivered several courses addressing a mix of soft skills for their students and staff.

The courses for students aimed to prepare final year university students in their transition to the job market, help them with career planning, alleviate worry and stress from entering the job market, boost their confidence and help them align their thinking and personalities to a work environment.

The courses for the staff aimed to enhance their professional skills and capabilities and better interact with current students and their families to engage them more during orientation and inquiry phases, and ensure they are able to cope with stress levels at work.

Courses Included:

1. Self Marketing & Branding - a course designed to increase student self-confidence and improve how they present themselves in a professional environment. It covered different types of communication, self assessment of strengths and weaknesses, and personality tests.

. Problem Solving & Decision Making - a course aimed to assist students understand problems and their root causes and face them with increased confidence using useful tools and tactics to select optimal solutions.

Achieving Work Life Balance - a course aimed to help university staff understand how to achieve balance in life, cope with change and work pressure, and maintain a positive lifestyle.

4. Essentials of Customer Service- a course designed to assist customer service staff to manage internal and external customers more positively and improve customer satisfaction.

Soft Skills Training for University Students & Staff

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