Business Support Services for Japanese Startups Looking to Expand to ME

Providing organization support services including briefing sessions, mentoring program and partnership facilitation

Our client is a Japanese government-related organization that promotes mutually beneficial trade and investment relations between Japan and other nations. They needed a consulting firm to help Japanese companies understand the startup ecosystem in GCC, specifically in Dubai, for Japanese Stratups looking to expand to MEA region and considering UAE/Dubai as a startup hub.

3-Tiered Solution

Our consultants developed a program to support the Japanese startups by providing briefing sessions, implementing a mentorship program, and identifying potential partners from the local market.

Phase 1-

Mentor consultants conducted deep analysis of the economical situation in the GCC/UAE and Dubai and compiled updated market data of current startup ecosystem and business environment. Mentor also studied the forecasted growth in the region as well as governmental and private sector efforts to support the startup ecosystem.

Our instructional design team created a comprehensive presentation summarizing the above-mentioned topics, in addition, listing the main players in the startup ecosystem in UAE and Dubai with success stories and business models. Additionally, we created a supporting document with further details and resources for companies interested in learning more.

Following the development of the material, an experienced consultant delivered the briefing sessions to the founders and key stakeholders in selected Japanese companies, answered their company-specific questions (in regards to setup options, expansion opportunities, startup ecosystem, etc…).


As a result of attending the briefing sessions, the companies’ stakeholders acquired deep understanding of the UAE business environment and were better informed and equipped to decide about possible expansion to the region.

Business Support Services for Japanese Startups Looking to Expand to ME