Strategy and leadership building for socio-economic development in Iraq

Road map and training program to support community project development

MENTOR developed a strategy implementation road map for socio-economic development within communities through new small business initiatives in services, industry and agriculture in post-war Iraq. The project was created as a partnership between UN organizations, the Iraqi government and NGOs, to promote reconstruction and rehabilitation in the country.

Our role included creating an intensive capacity building program focused on community leadership development, where selected community leaders from Iraq were nominated to undergo a 30-day training program on starting income-generating community projects funded by an international donor and with a socio-economic benefit. Leaders were also trained on how to prepare business plans and go about securing investment in projects.

The project was a great success, leading the way for further collaboration with the same parties. MENTOR was engaged in over 12 projects under the program in areas including:

Conducting economic research and studies in various areas relating the labor market and vocational & technical education, covering industries such as manufacturing, automotive, education, electronics and oil & gas.

Supporting program implementation including support establishing vocational training centres, conducting train the trainers programs, managing enterprise development programs, capacity building for micro-financing institutions and developing monitoring & evaluation frameworks.

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Strategy and leadership building for socio-economic development in Iraq

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