Supporting Nationalization Initiatives through Training Programs

Helping young nationals to achieve private sector employment through skill building.

Our client was a government agency that helps UAE nationals to build both technical and vocational skills in order to integrate more easily into the private sector job market in the UAE. MENTORs role was to support the agency through research and the design and implementation of a training program, across various industries, including banking.

The scope involved assessing the vocational and technical skill sets required for the banking sector in the UAE, and designing a program for trainees to develop skills in order to match market requirements. MENTOR then developed eight training modules and organized field courses and orientation sessions with commercial banks. The project involved a 6-week training program with 180 guided learning hours per participant, running for two years, with the total number of trainees reaching 600.

The program covered the design and delivery of basic soft skill training for high school drop-outs looking to enter the job market. It also identified core competencies required for candidates to enter the job market in the banking and financial sector as entry-level employees. An assessment activity was conducted to determine baseline abilities of participants to serve as a guide for the rest of the project, and a benchmark for final evaluation. The project was a success story recognized by the agency as one of its top performing programs.

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Supporting Nationalization Initiatives through Training Programs

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