Technology consulting on blockchain property platform for US startup

Advisory services and program management for solution development, and guidance on capital acquisition.

MENTOR was asked to provide consultancy for a US based real estate investment company with a plan to create an online network offering fractional ownership of real estate. This was to be done through a blockchain platform that enables the issuance and trading of investment tokens. The client needed technology consultancy, program management of solution development, and guidance on approaching and formalizing agreements with international investors.

MENTORs role involved extensive technology consulting, with our consultants taking on the role of a Chief Technology Officer, leading the design of the solution architecture and guiding the organizations senior management in this area.

Using our in-depth understanding of the companys objectives and needs from the platform combined with solid expertise on the blockchain sector, our team has been carefully assessing available options for blockchain technologies to implement in the solution, in order to then provide final recommendations on the technology infrastructure, partners and scope of work.

Once completed, our program management team will then develop a plan for the solution's development and implementation and manage its overall progress.

In addition, we have also been advising on liaising with prospective international investors, negotiations and agreement formulation. Another area of support provided by MENTOR covers insourcing of experts in support functions such as accounting and tax filing.

MENTOR has introduced more structure in the organizations third party dealings and partnerships, and enabled it to reach investors in new regions.

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Technology consulting on blockchain property platform for US startup

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