Business Plans

Creating a road map for the business journey

Business plans serve as the foundation on which organizations are built, outlining business goals and the means to achieve them. A clear and thorough business plan outlines strategic objectives and goals, assesses customers, competitors and suppliers, defines the operating model and marketing strategy, and determines how success is measured in the business.

At MENTOR, we guide organizations on how to develop business plans that provide a comprehensive understanding of the proposed business concept and are attuned to the specific characteristics of the relevant market environment and sector.


A snapshot of the organization

MENTORs business planning advisory services involve an in-depth understanding of the ventures current and future business direction. We help entrepreneurs to identify business purpose, business model, market niche and competitive advantage, and present a winning proposition to secure financial investment where needed.

In addition, we help in creating an outline of proposed products and services, as well as providing market information on customers, competitors, challenges and critical success factors for the proposed venture. Our consultants provide guidance on developing a commercial strategy and marketing approach, and analysing organizational and staff requirements. We also help with determining the performance criteria that will be used to assess ongoing progress in different aspects of the business.

One critical aspect of business planning that we provide support on is that of financial modelling. Through financial projections and forecasts in areas such as sales, expenses, cash flow, and return on investment, financial planning determines the viability of a business venture, is essential for securing the support of prospective investors and financing providers to launch the venture, and enables the effective running of the business once up and running.

Business planning also incorporates research into the goals and structure of the business and how it aims to operate within a particular market. Read about our services relating tomarket and feasibility studies.

Business Plans

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