Corporate Strategy

New strategies to elevate business performance.

An organization may look to develop a new business strategy for a variety of reasons, such as cost reduction, technology integration, changing customer demands, improving process efficiency, or meeting regulatory requirements.  Regardless of the motivation, strategic planning is a critical area that shapes all aspects of the business and requires objective analysis and specialist expertise.

MENTOR’s team of strategy consultants can provide support in this area, namely in assessing current strategies and their limitations, and formulating new approaches that better serve the business through greater alignment with vision, mission, finances and resources. Our strategy planning services provide a comprehensive framework to assess, modify and implement strategies and track progress of implementation.


Strategy conception, execution and evaluation

We help organization leaders to step back from the daily work cycle and assess the critical factors for the business today and the necessary steps to ensure success in the long run.

With the right strategy developed, we then guide senior management on the best route in taking the plan from conception to implementation. We also help them in creating a work environment able to support and carry out the change process through employee training programs that develop the right mindset and skills.

In addition, we integrate a strategy monitoring and evaluation tool into the process, to keep senior management up-to-date with current progress. MENTOR’s corporate performance management app enables organizations to track strategy implementation, manage strategic initiatives and ensure alignment to strategy at all levels of the organization. Read more about MENTOR’S strategy tracking app.

Corporate Strategy

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