Digital Transformation

Advisory services on adopting emerging technologies
 Digital Transformation
Transformation through technology

Business process automation and emerging technologies have the potential to transform organizations' operations and offerings, and consequently their performance. But building a solid understanding of these technologies and analyzing the benefits of digital transformation is no easy task.

How we help

We provide direction on digital transformation initiatives, and help organizations understand the benefits and implications of adopting new solutions and technologies. We lead the exploration process, determining the implementation scope and its benefits and implications and put a plan in place to kick-start implementation.

We help you automate business processes and capitalize on new technologies that are changing the way we work.

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Blockchain adoption

Advisory services that include: 1. Building understanding of blockchain through our Blockchain Academy courses, 2. Analysis exercise to determine use cases, benefits and requirements, and 3. Implementation planning and roadmap
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Innovation & Incubation

Automation of business accelerator programs, idea crowd-sourcing and project green-lighting, through an idea management system.
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Talent management & learning

Automation of talent management and training processes through individual software platforms or an integrated and centralized system.
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Customized solutions

Design and implementation of a fully customized solution to automate business processes, that is entirely based on specific client requirements.

Blockchain Advisory

We help organizations capitalize on blockchain technology, by providing expert guidance on how to kick-start the process of exploring blockchain and its adoption.

AWARENESS: Because blockchain is still in its infancy, with limited expertise established and a rapid pace of change, the sector is little understood in spite of the global attention it attracts. Company leaders need to establish a solid understanding of all that it entails.

Our Blockchain Academy provides an easy introduction into the complex world of blockchain. It offers a variety of specialized training courses that establish a deep understanding of the technology and its possible applications in different industries (more on Blockchain Academy).

ANALYSIS: Decision-makers need to take a deeply analytical view at all aspects of this new territory, including the expected value to be derived, areas of application, changes in the business model, available technology options, expected risks, and cost and manpower required.

Through a series of diagnostic workshops with subject matter experts, we perform an in-depth examination of the functions and processes within an organization to benefit from blockchain transformation, and help you determine its feasibility.

PLANNING: By providing consultancy on strategic planning and change management, we ensure a solid blueprint is in place for blockchain adoption and a smooth transformation of business processes and offerings.

Looking at adopting emerging technologies in your organization? Get expert guidance from a specialist consultant.