Small & Medium Enterprises

Big challenges for small players

Small and medium businesses are generally considered the backbone of a healthy economy. They provide a substantial source of employment, economic diversity and stability, and innovation within their industries. Yet, managing a small business and maintaining its prosperity often means having to deal with highly unstable conditions, and a considerable and unique set of challenges. With limited finances and resources, tough competition and difficulty in attracting quality talent, these businesses have to fight fiercely for their survival among bigger and more influential players - challenges that are especially faced during the first few years of establishment and periods of economic downturn.


Solutions to enhance stability and enable growth

At MENTOR, we provide specialized consulting services to not only address these challenges but also build on unique advantages such as their agility, innovation and growth potential.Our research capabilities and business and strategic planning consultancy establish a firm foundation for organizations with a clear direction ahead and sufficient access to funds. We also provide guidance on the design of appropriate organizational structures and operational frameworks, and ensure that the organization has the right talent to help it grow through talent management and interim management solutions.

And through staff training and leadership coaching, we ensure that the team is a constantly improving asset for the business. In addition, to address the limited human resources capacity and enable rapid expansion where needed, we help these businesses to maximize productivity by streamlining and automating business processes through our smart software applications.

Our experience includes extensive work in this arena, having supported various government and non-profit development funds and incubators in promoting entrepreneurship and successfully preparing and launching new businesses.

Small & Medium Enterprises

Our specialized services help you plan, launch and grow new business.