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Pioneering Disruptive Innovation in Tech Startups

In the fast-paced world of technology startups, radical ideas, and unconventional approaches are the driving forces behind success. MENTOR specializes in empowering disruptive technology startups with tailored strategies and unconventional structures to foster innovation from the ground up. With the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain, our mission is to help startups establish a solid foundation internally before they disrupt the industry externally.

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At MENTOR, we provide valuable guidance, expertise, and support to help startup leaders stay focused on their core offerings while building solid foundations for their businesses.

Strategic planning - expanding vision beyond the 'now'
Strategic Business Planning for Tech Startups

In the tech industry, speed is of the essence. Startups need to develop and launch their products swiftly while aligning with the rapid digital evolution. At MENTOR, we excel in guiding startups through strategic business planning. Our approach ensures a robust blueprint is crafted, enabling informed decision-making, defining business phases and goals, and uniting team members toward a common vision.

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Organization design - unconventional frameworks for greater agility
Unconventional Frameworks for Tech Startup Agility

Innovation often stagnates in established organizations due to bureaucracy and rigid structures. New tech startups must break free from conventional norms. MENTOR specializes in creating organizational frameworks tailored to your business, emphasizing decentralized and distributed structures, democratized management, and technology-enabled flat network-based models. These unconventional structures enhance agility, accelerate delivery, and foster collaboration - essential elements for tech startups.

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HR & talent management - fluid collaboration and skill-based roles

Revolutionizing Talent Management for Tech Startups

Innovative structures demand a fresh approach to talent sourcing and management. MENTOR advocates an open and democratic culture that values achievements and encourages innovation. We replace traditional job descriptions with skill-based roles, attracting individuals comfortable with rapid change and unconventional work setups. Our performance management focuses on output, peer appraisals, and innovation contribution. We recommend personalized talent development with structured mentoring and performance coaching programs.

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Leadership development - from one-man-show to visionary leader
Transforming Tech Startup Visionaries into Leaders

Tech startup leaders often possess unconventional qualities that drive early success. However, as the organization grows, strong leadership becomes paramount. MENTOR offers one-on-one coaching to nurture leadership, entrepreneurial, and management skills. Our support structure ensures leaders maintain motivation, effectively manage stress, navigate business transformations, and achieve personal and organizational goals.

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Tech Startups

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