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Building unconventional organizations for disruptive innovation.

Radical organizations need radical ideas. They need innovative ways of working and unconventional‚ structures to support those work styles. For new businesses in the disruptive technology arena, creating the right environment to nurture that off-the-wall approach is paramount. These organizations need to be built from the ground up with a tailored approach that embraces their unique features and addresses their challenges head on.

And this all needs to happen at breakneck speed. With intense interest and rapid developments in areas such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and blockchain, disruptive technology start-ups must quickly establish order within their walls before they look to disrupt it externally.

At MENTOR, we provide valuable guidance, expertise, and support to help startup leaders stay focused on their core offering, while building solid foundations for their businesses.

Strategic planning - expanding vision beyond the 'now'

More than in any other industry, startups in the technology arena are usually in a great hurry to get things done. They have to work extra fast to develop and launch their products and services, and stay in line with the rapid pace of digital development.

These businesses may be built around bold creative ideas that may achieve instant success, but they still need to identify a long-term vision, plan for lasting prosperity and secure financing for future growth.

Through our guidance in strategic business planning, we ensure that a solid blueprint is laid out for the business that can shape key decisions, identify business phases and goals, and keep all team members working towards the same direction.

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Organization design - unconventional frameworks for greater agility

Established organizations stop being innovative for various reasons such as bureaucracy, office politics, department loyalties, rigid gatekeepers and habitual skeptics. Outdated hierarchical structures have a main role to play in this, hampering the way people think and behave at work. New organizations looking to introduce innovative technologies need to look beyond conventional structures and define their own identities and work styles.

We help you build an organizational framework that suits your business and follows alternative models promoting concepts such as decentralized / distributed organizations, and democratized management with flat network-based structures that are technology enabled and employ fluid teams extending beyond departments. These types of structures ensure greater agility, faster delivery and better collaboration everything that is especially valuable to a tech start-up.

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HR & talent management - fluid collaboration and skill-based roles

To make these innovative structures work, a different approach to sourcing and managing talent needs to be followed. The emphasis here is on creating an open and democratic culture that focuses on achievements, values innovation, eliminates formalities and allows for personal space and styles. And the challenge is to maintain this even as the team grows and the organization goes through its early teething problems.

Our approach replaces traditional job descriptions for rigidly defined roles within specific departments with a more fluid system that defines roles by required work skills. We also implement this in talent acquisition, placing focus on attracting individuals comfortable with a fast work pace, rapid change, and an unconventional work structure. Performance management also looks at the quantity and quality of output from task-based assignments, peer appraisals and contribution to innovation in the organization. And finally in talent development, we recommend more more individualized and self-driven approach with structured mentoring and performance coaching programs.

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Leadership development - from one-man-show to visionary leader

The key players behind technology startups are often inventive individuals that do not follow conventional rules and viewpoints - qualities that are especially valuable early on in the business life-cycle. But as the organization grows, there is a greater need to share what is often one person's vision with an expanding team, and to develop strong leadership, entrepreneurial and management abilities. Our one-to-one coaching for business leaders creates the right support structure and guidance to ensure that they keep up their personal as well as their team's motivation during unpredictable times, adequately manage stress, effectively manage business transformation and change, and achieve specific personal and organizational goals.

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Tech Startups

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