Employees Assessment

Advisory, implementation & digital tools to streamline employees assessment
 Employees Assessment
Key to understanding workforce capabilities

Assessments play an essential role in how an employee’s abilities are identified, developed and grown in an organization. They are an instrumental part of talent management activities throughout the employee life-cycle, including recruitment, training, performance review, promotions and career planning.

By evaluating personalities, skills, aptitudes and future goals, assessments provide talent management teams with a deep understanding of the diverse group of people working within an organization.

Customized assessment solutions

We understand the complex and individual nature of assessment and help our clients implement these activities easily and accurately from start to finish.

We do this by establishing a structured approach to these exercises, providing a range of assessment tools, supporting and/or managing implementation, and guiding result evaluation and reporting.

We provide consultancy on the design, implementation and analysis of employee assessment, and offer a variety of face to face exercises and online tools.

what we offer

Our services in employee assessment

Employees Assessment Advisory

Comprehensive scope of design and management of employees assessment activities, selection of benchmark criteria and weightage based on job descriptions, competency profiles, or standard industry criteria, and custom development of assessment content, assessor manuals and employee communication, as well as results analysis and reporting.

Assessment Platform

We facilitate the exercise by providing a digital platform that streamlines the entire process when needed. Our online assessment solutions simplifies managing the implementation of assessment exercises, and provides progress updates and results through visual dashboards and automated reports.
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Assessment Options

We use various employees assessment tools and options, such as psychometric tests, assessment centres, and structured technical interviews, 360 feedback. We choose the best-fit tool based on client requirements and we provide consolidated reporting on individual, group and company levels

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