Career Planning

Advisory services to help organizations introduce a forward-looking approach and improve employee motivation and loyalty
 Career Planning
Adopting a forward-looking approach to employee careers

Creating career paths defines expectations and requirements for employees to grow and achieve their ambitions. It provides employees with a clear picture of what is needed to be eligible for the next growth step within the organization.

A formalized career path sets equal and consistent standards and ensures an objective approach in the selection process for promotions, recruitment, and development activities.

How we help

We offer advisory services in career path development that help clients with recruitment, reward and remuneration systems, analysis of training needs, performance management, succession planning and the selection process for promotions.

We develop career paths outlining possible vertical and horizontal career moves for employees within the organization, that can be based on broader job families and departments, or customized to each individual role.

We design career paths and development programs for your employees that promote job motivation, career progression and company loyalty.

what we offer

Advisory services and training programs that keep your employees moving forward

Career paths

Design of career paths for specific job families, departments or roles, outlining possible vertical and horizontal job moves and role's requirements in competencies, education and professional experience.

Development programs

A blended learning approach involving a range of workshops, e-learning, mentoring and coaching programs that up-skill employees in specific areas, depending on career path selection and future role requirements.
More about training

Need to motivate employees to continuously grow and stay committed to your organization? Help them create their own individual paths.