Performance Management

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 Performance Management
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At MENTOR, we understand the crucial role of performance management in driving individual and collective success. Our approach combines both formal and informal methods to steer employees towards behaviors and outcomes that yield positive results for your organization.

Navigating performance management can be challenging for talent management teams and employees. Therefore, we focus on developing systems that offer motivational experiences, emphasizing continual progress and development.

How we help

We collaborate with talent management teams to create a comprehensive performance management system. This system is designed to:

  • Evaluate Employee Efforts
  • Enhance Understanding
  • Address the Employee Life Cycle

Expert advisory services to guide you in designing and implementing systems and practices that foster employee success and growth.

what we offer

Our services in employee performance management

Performance policy and cycle

Comprehensive assistance in crafting every facet of the performance management cycle, including setting cycle duration, calendar scheduling, and activity frequency. This encompasses identifying staff eligibility for formal performance management cycles and delineating staff responsibilities related to performance evaluations.

Performance Criteria

We specialize in creating a structured system for defining objectives and competencies for every role within your organization. This involves aligning organizational goals with department objectives, which are further translated into individual objectives. We leverage tools like balanced scorecards to facilitate this process and ensure that role-specific competencies align seamlessly with the organization's overall competency model.

Evaluation and comparison

We excel in crafting an evaluation methodology that calculates points, assigns ratings, and identifies key performance indicators to gauge progress and achievements. Additionally, we assist in selecting a system for evaluating employees relative to one another, employing methods such as ranking, paired comparison, and forced distribution to ensure fair and objective assessments.
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Implementation and Training

We take a hands-on approach to manage the on-the-ground implementation of your systems, complemented by comprehensive training programs for talent management teams, managers, and staff. Our training is centered around promoting fair and accurate performance management practices, providing step-by-step guidance, and offering practical exercises to ensure a seamless adoption of the new processes.

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Let us help you design and implement systems that foster employee success and growth.