Performance Management

Driving employees towards constant achievement and growth
 Performance Management
Driving business performance one individual at a time

Performance management is the combination of formal and informal processes and practices that drive employees towards actions, behaviors and outcomes, which collectively produce positive results for the organization.

It can be one of the most challenging and stressful aspects of the workplace for talent management teams and employees alike. As a result, organizations generally put a lot of effort into establishing a performance management system that delivers a positive and motivational experience for employees, with a focus on constantly moving forward.

How we help

We work in partnership with talent management teams to design a comprehensive performance management system that enables a consistent and structured approach to evaluating employee efforts. We address all aspects of the process from start to finish and build better understanding of good performance management practices through training.

We design systems that address the entire employee life-cycle and aim to maximize potential and growth by ensuring clarity of expectations, fairness and consistency in evaluation, and an open and constantly evolving process.

Advisory services on how to design and implement systems and practices that encourage employee success and growth.

what we offer

Our services in employee performance management

Performance policy and cycle

Designing all the steps in the performance management cycle and determining the cycle duration, and calendar and frequency of activities. This includes identifying the eligibility of staff for the formal performance management cycle, and the responsibilities assigned to staff in relation to performing evaluations.

Performance Criteria

Establishing a system to identify objectives and competencies for every role. We cascade organizational goals into department objectives, which are then reflected in individual objectives, using tools such as balanced score cards. We ensure that competencies required for each role are aligned with the organizations competency model.

Evaluation and comparison

Developing an evaluation methodology to calculate points and assign ratings, and identify key performance indicators to measure progress and accomplishment. We also help with selecting a system to determine how employees perform relative to each other, using methods such as ranking, paired comparison and forced distribution.
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Implementation and Training

On-the-ground management of the systems implementation, supported by training for talent management teams, managers and staff to successfully adopt the system. Training focuses on fair and accurate performance management practices and offers step-by-step guidance and practice on the new processes.

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