Business Process Reengineering

Designing processes to meet modern business challenges

Business Process Reengineering is an important approach in business management that helps organizations meet the challenges relating to an increasingly wired world, globalization, more intense competition, higher service expectations, and more demanding customers.

In addition to these market conditions, organizations are constantly looking inward for ways to reduce operational costs, speed up production and response cycles, improve quality and competitiveness, innovate and easily adapt to changing market conditions.

BPR is one approach to help organizations satisfy these requirements. It involves a comprehensive review and a thorough redesign of business processes in an organization, to achieve dramatic improvements in operations.


Improving efficiency through better workflows

Process reengineering focuses on targeted outcomes, and redesigns processes in such a way to achieve this, eliminating inefficient actions and integrating information technology for greater efficiency. It takes a holistic view to work flows, ensuring that processes are aligned and connect seamlessly, and maximizing their positive impact on the product or service delivered.

MENTOR advises organizations on how to create and introduce better designed processes. We establish a solid understanding of operating conditions and limitations, and the objectives behind the reengineering exercise. Our consulting solutions involve process mapping, process redesign and automation, new process implementation, testing and amendment, and impact measurement.

In addition, MENTOR provides its own suite of digital solutions that help organizations to automate key activities in:

Business Process Reengineering
  • Change management
  • Corporate performance management and strategy implementation
  • Talent and learning management
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Innovation and idea management
  • Compliance and quality management

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