Organizational Optimization

Gaining competitive advantage through optimization

Businesses have to contend with a variety of economic challenges, market driving forces and internal changes on an ongoing basis, if they are to survive and remain competitive. These factors drive organizations to focus on maximizing their unique value, reducing costs and optimizing the way they operate.

MENTOR helps organizations in their pursuit of a desired and realistic level of effectiveness. We provide direction on how to create sustainable improvement by identifying optimization opportunities and strategies, and implementing them using suitable tools and methodologies, all the while ensuring their alignment with the overall objective of optimization and value creation.


Maximizing Resources

An effective organization is one that is able to achieve optimal balance in creating a competitive cost structure, implementing an effective strategy and investing in its future goals.

It does this by maximizing the utilization, efficiency and effectiveness of all deployed resources along four dimensions of the organizational framework, namely structure, workforce, processes and technology.

Since the measure of effectiveness varies from one organization to another, evaluating effectiveness involves a thorough understanding of the organization and its strategy, structure, processes and functions.


Preparing Leaders for Change

We guide company leaders in identifying relevant opportunities, laying out effective plans and skillfully managing the change process during and following implementation. In addition, we help organizations to create a culture and mindset conducive to positive change.


Change Management

We prepare a change strategy that assesses the risk and cultural readiness for change, identifies and mitigates change resistance, and drives awareness, buy-in and ownership of change by leaders and stakeholders.


Cost Reduction

We enable organizations to achieve significant and lasting cost reduction through structured programs that improve effectiveness and efficiency, support value-adding activities and reduce or eliminate non-value adding ones.

Organizational Optimization

We can help you create the optimal organization framework to improve performance and reduce costs.