Transformation & Change Management

Managing organizations that are in constant motion.

Organizations are never static. They are constantly ebbing and flowing in response to changes in their own internal dynamics and external environments. This ongoing adaptation is vital in order to improve performance, overcome issues and seize opportunities.

Developing effective change solutions is a challenge in itself, but what can often be more complex is executing them on the ground and securing the support of the individuals they impact.

Organizational change management is the process that facilitates the transitioning of people in organizations through a proposed change, by planning, implementing, communicating and securing support for it. Adopting a structured approach to the execution of change initiatives ensures that they are optimally achieved, embraced and readily adopted, and sustained in the long run.


People Create Change

When it comes to implementing change initiatives, one aspect that should not be neglected is the human element: the fact that change affects individuals and can only be brought about by them. Even if the change program revolves around the introduction of new structures, systems or technologies, it is the relevant users who will have to adapt the way they work and enable the change to actually happen.

MENTOR has worked with numerous organizations to help implement positive change quickly and effectively and ensure its longevity. We help organizations to realize their change goals and strengthen their programs in the following areas: stakeholder mapping, designing a change roadmap, creating a communication plan, and developing and delivering training programs that support change achievement.

We also equip our clients with a practical online tool that helps to track change implementation and communicate progress to change project teams.

Transformation & Change Management

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