Welcome to MENTOR’s Startup Advisory Practice: Your Partner in Growth! Our team of experienced consultants will help you with everything around building business, technology and people. We understand that starting a business can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help you navigate the process.

Refine your business modelWe help tech startups founders draw a clear and executable strategic roadmap that aligns with their vision and market opportunities, build meaningful partnerships that position them for success in attracting investors and define their go to market strategy to position their company for growth.

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Build your team and organizationWe offer guidance on talent acquisition, team building, and fostering a positive work culture at an early stage of the tech startup life. We help in building organizational structures, job descriptions, salary scales and internal policies and processes. We guide you on best practices around people management and performance.

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Scaling your operationsOne a tech startup has achieved product-market fit and started to generate revenue, scaling operations smoothly while maintaining quality and efficiency becomes complex and requires strategic planning and organizational restructuring.We help founders to develop a growth strategy, identify new markets, and expand their team.

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We offer our consulting and advisory services to startup founders knowing that embarking on the exhilarating journey of a tech startup requires more than just an innovative idea – it demands a strategic blend of business acumen, cutting-edge technology, and a strong foundation of people-centric practices.


We help tech startups mature their business models by crafting their value proposition, narrowing down their targeted customer segments, building meaningful partnerships and developing a solid go-to-market strategy. Our support extends to tailoring strategy documents, conducting feasibility studies, and crafting business plans designed to perfectly align with their objectives and aspirations.


We are the architects behind tech startup founders' dreams, expertly sculpting dynamic businesses around their groundbreaking technology products. Our prowess lies in meticulously defining strategic job roles, intricately sketching out a robust organizational framework, crafting seamless processes, and curating teams that serve as the very bedrock of scalable success. Guided by our visionary touch, your company will flourish organically, fostering a culture of excellence that paves the way for vigorous growth, orchestrated with precision and infused with the essence of the right corporate ethos.


We empower visionary founders of tech startups to lay the essential groundwork for transforming their ventures into irresistible investment opportunities. Our transformative process begins by crystalizing their value proposition, showcasing robust financial viability, amplifying the founders' remarkable expertise, building the right startup team, and constructing compelling investment pitch decks.


We understand that in the dynamic realm of innovation, every moment counts. That's why we're here to offer you a unique blend of strategic brilliance and seasoned expertise, precisely when and where you need it. As your Fractional CXOs, we seamlessly integrate into your team, infusing it with the strategic wisdom of experienced Chief Experience Officers. Whether it's shaping your vision, fine-tuning your market approach, optimizing operations, or forging invaluable partnerships, we're your strategic orchestrators, ensuring every move is a step closer to achieving your audacious goals.

Navigating the Landscape


In the dynamic realm of tech startups, all eyes converge, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of groundbreaking AI algorithms, Fintech marvels, and revolutionary Blockchain solutions. Investors, customers, and competitors stand poised, eager to witness the realization of promised value through these emerging technological marvels.


The ever-accelerating stride of progress within the emerging technology sector propels organizations into a whirlwind of rapid development. As pioneers of the latest cutting-edge solutions, you're tasked with sprinting toward integration while grappling with the myriad unknowns inherent to uncharted territory.


While the spotlight may shine brightly on emerging technology, cultivating the necessary expertise demands a patient journey. The quest for proficient talent is on the rise, yet this pursuit encounters obstacles, serving as a pivotal bottleneck in the evolution of the tech startup arena.

Our Avenues of Empowerment


Amidst the flurry of today's challenges and obligations, we serve as your steadfast navigators of the future. By weaving a tapestry of winning plans and strategies, we fortify your vision, equipping you with the tools to manage the intricate dance of business leadership.


Our legacy spanning over a decade in organizational development and transformation empowers us to sculpt structures and processes at an accelerated pace. Fuelled by our expertise, we forge organizations that epitomize efficiency, agility, innovation, and scalability.


Through our distinguished consultants and an expansive network of specialists, we bequeath you the arsenal of resources imperative for success. The rapid establishment of in-house teams, strategic outsourcing of interim units, and astute guidance on optimal partnerships and suppliers are our hallmarks, ensuring you stand unshaken amidst the complexities of your journey.

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We are a management consulting firm with over two decades of experience. We have worked with organizations of all sizes in over 30 countries, helping them to transform how they work.


We are also a trusted partner to startups. We have helped numerous startups to create their foundations and guide their leadership. We focus on supporting businesses built around disruptive technologies in fintech, regtech, healthcare tech, and other industries.


We are avid technology enthusiasts. We practice what we preach, with our developers adopting emerging technologies into the digital solutions we design.


Our team has years of experience working with startups and entrepreneurs, and we’re passionate about helping you succeed. Whether you’re looking for advice on fundraising, product development, or hiring the right team, we’re here to help.