What We Do

We provide direction on how to develop and implement blockchain technology, and build an organization around it. As strong believers in its potential, we help you capitalize on its abilities and transform your operations and offerings.

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Embracing disruptionBlockchain is bringing a new set of rules and redefining how organizations secure investment, interact with suppliers, design products and services, and establish security and transparency. We’re here to guide that journey.

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Innovative StartupsEntrepreneurs all over the world are starting new ventures around blockchain. We help them with strategic planning, organization development, talent management and blockchain based solution development.

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Blockchain AdoptersEstablished organizations are exploring how blockchain can transform their businesses and give them a competitive edge. We provide intrapreneurs with expert technology consultancy and blockchain development support.

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Our Services

We help bring blockchain startups quickly to their feet, while also helping established organizations to integrate the technology into their offerings and operations.

Strategic Planning

We advise blockchain entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs on creating business models, developing go-to-market strategies, and securing capital investment.

Organizational Development

We help you design your organization around blockchain technology, and create streamlined organizational and operational frameworks. Our outsourcing and interim management services also help to quickly establish support functions in blockchain related startups.

Talent & Training

We show you how to attract top talent in the blockchain sector, and develop it through career planning and employee learning. Our trainers equip employees with the relevant knowledge and skills, while our coaches build leadership capabilities in executive management.

Blockchain Development

We support the development and implementation of blockchain solutions though expert guidance on optimum platforms and capabilities, project planning and management, and in-house blockchain development

Your Challenges

Weighty expectations

All eyes are on blockchain startups. Investment into blockchain was estimated to be around a billion US dollars in 2017, and investors, customers and competitors are waiting to see if blockchain based solutions and businesses will deliver on the value promised.

Breakneck pace

The pace of development in the blockchain sector means that organizations looking to integrate or develop blockchain solutions have to work equally fast, while dealing with a lot of the unknowns that come with new territory.

Limited resources

Blockchain technology may have taken the spotlight in the last few years, but building the relevant talent takes much longer. There is growing demand for experts in this area, and finding the right people is proving to be a major bottleneck in the sector’s development.

Our Solutions

Clear vision

We help company leaders keep an eye on the future, despite the numerous issues and obligations they have to contend with today. We counsel you on creating winning plans and strategies, and provide support with all the details that come with managing a business.

Shaping the organization

With over a decade of experience in organizational development and transformation, we can fast-pace the creation of structures and processes in your organization and implement change effectively. We work to create organizations that are efficient, agile, innovative and scalable.

Access to experts

Through our consultants and network of experts, we equip you with the resources you need by accelerating the creation of in-house teams, outsourcing interim teams where needed, and advising on the best partners and suppliers to work with.

Our Work

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About Us

Leaders of Change

We have advised organizations for over a decade and delivered projects in over 30 international cities, working with public, private and non-profit organizations to transform how they work.

Partner to Startups

We have worked with numerous startups, helping to create their foundations and guiding their leadership. We focus on supporting businesses built around disruptive technologies such as blockchain.

Digital Advocates

We are avid blockchain enthusiasts, and we practice what we preach, with our developers adopting blockchain into the digital solutions we design.

Diverse Expertise

Our team consists of experts in blockchain, cybersecurity, startup strategy, business planning, organizational design and talent development.

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