Blockchain Implementation

Blockchain Implementation

Expert guidance for organizations on blockchain integration and business transformation


Because blockchain is still in its infancy, with limited expertise established and a rapid pace of change, the sector is little understood in spite of the global attention it attracts. Company leaders need to establish a solid understanding of all that it entails.


Decision-makers need to take a deeply analytical view at all aspects of this new territory, including the expected value to be derived, areas of application, changes in the business model, available technology options, expected risks, and cost and manpower required.


We guide the entire process of blockchain integration and ensure that organizations are able to effectively capitalize on its abilities and transform products, services and transactions for customers.

Guidance on strategic planning and solution development


We help turn your blockchain vision into a feasible and practical action plan. Our consultants establish a deep understanding of your business requirements in order to then develop business plans, models, and go-to-market strategies.

We also guide the design of the software architecture and choice of optimum technologies, while also helping to procure third party services and creating strategic alliances for the business.


Our program management support helps manage the development and integration of a blockchain based solution through Project Management Offices, development plans and schedules, resource planning, quality assurance, and third party procurement.

We work to facilitate project completion on time and budget, with effective accomplishment of objectives and correct alignment to business strategy.

Ensuring streamlined project management and execution

A structured approach to transitioning organizations through change


Implementation is always a critical phase of any project that can determine its outcome. Our consultants provide the support needed through change management planning, stakeholder mapping, communication strategies, knowledge transfer, and the presence of in-house interim teams.


Unsure of where to start and what to know? Blockchain is a relatively new sector and there’s a lot to learn. It’s also important to separate fact from fiction in an area that has been at the center of much discussion and speculation.

Our intensive training workshops provide organization leaders and technology decision makers with comprehensive knowledge and group coaching from experts on all aspects of blockchain adoption.

Practical learning on blockchain applications and development