How a bank automated its training function and shifted 5,000 employees to online learning

How a bank automated its training function and shifted 5,000 employees to online learning
Learning Goes Digital

As most corporate training professionals know, it takes considerable effort to ensure that employees are consistently on an appropriate learning path. Learning and Development (L&D) teams are often under considerable strain to meet development targets, handle training requests and track and measure learning impact. Fortunately, the emergence of workflow automation and e-learning have led to learning management systems becoming a vital part of corporate learning, especially in large organizations.

Re-vamping a Dated Training Function

Training large workforces using paper-based systems has stopped becoming a viable option for many years, and this was the clear conclusion reached in 2015 by a well-established bank of 5,000 employees. Operating in a crowded market with players seeking competitive advantage through talent quality, the bank's decentralized Learning & Development function was struggling to meet its learning objectives.

It needed to train different employee segments throughout the year on a range of soft skills, industry topics, and specialized banking systems. It also needed to comply with training requirements by financial regulators, and ensure the availability of quick and up-to-date training data.

Kicking Off the Project

The bank tasked Mentor Global Consultants with implementing an online learning management system to manage all training activities for the organization. MENTOR was responsible for a thorough situation and needs analysis, the deployment of a customized version of its LUMEO learning management system, and providing ongoing technical support. The project was implemented over one year in 4 phases, to ensure a smooth shift away from the traditional paper-based training system that had been in place for two decades.

PHASE 1 - E-learning

The project began in 2016 with the introduction of LUMEO's E-learning platform, for learners and the training department. Employees were able to learn at their own convenience in a time-efficient manner, while L&D was able to upload learning courses on the SCORM compatible platform, track participation, and reduce workshop sessions and training costs. As a result, the bank was able to quickly roll out mandatory courses for its entire workforce and deliver 5,000 e-learning courses in 2017, surpassing workshops and constituting 67% of total training sessions.

PHASE 2 - Workshop Management

Work in the next phase focused on workshop nomination and registration, enabling the L&D team to upload information on workshops, managers to nominate employees for them, and employees to register. Bringing managers on board led to more active involvement and accountability in their teams development. The system has managed 6,000 workshops since its launch, and processes roughly 300 workshop/e-learning requests daily. The bank is now able to provide more workshops faster and with less effort, and meet its annual employee training quota of 5 training man-days.

PHASE 3 Training Vendor Management

This was followed by LUMEO's training vendor management module, allowing collaboration with in-house trainers & external vendors. The L&D team was able to approve vendors online and assign trainers for workshops, while trainers were able to upload course material, provide workshop feedback and submit trainee reports. This reduced admin work for all parties, ensured consistency in working with vendors and enabled easy sharing of course material and workshop updates.

PHASE 4 - Assessment

MENTOR finally implemented an assessment module that enabled employees to undergo online assessment on a variety of skills and knowledge depending on the role. Using assessment results, L&D teams can now more accurately assess training needs and measure learning impact.

Business Impact

Through a carefully phased plan, deep understanding of the banks business, and its customized learning management solution, MENTOR was able to help its client transform learning, improve training processes, reduce training expenses, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Training now operates in a more streamlined manner, with automated workflows, better process continuity, and higher consistency and accuracy. This has enabled the team to focus more on training impact, while employees have become more engaged in learning due to convenient mobile access, positive training experiences and a strong learning culture.


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