How one bank streamlined its training measurement and analysis through new structures and system automation

How one bank streamlined its training measurement and analysis through new structures and system automation


A major national bank needed to introduce a more structured approach to the measurement and reporting of its extensive training activities for its staff of a few thousand employees. It also needed to track progress of its training operation, with easy access to up-to-date and accurate data. In addition, it needed to ensure compliance with external regulatory requirements, and faster reporting customized to different parties where required.


The solution proposed by MENTOR was in two parts, the first involving instating a full-time outsourced training specialist in the learning and development department for 6 months to step up its reporting function and establish a structured approach to training analysis and data collection.

The second component involved developing a customized training management system that streamlines the running of training workshops, enabling registration, course material uploads, course and trainer reviews, and online certification. The system also minimizes the hassle and delays from manual training reports and generates customized reports for senior management, department heads and external government entities as per their requirements.


With the new processes and automated system, the L&D team are able to get a clear and concise snapshot of training progress, evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively. Training days are tracked for each employee, and training impact is assessed from various aspects. Courses are evaluated on content and trainer delivery, and under-performance in any area is flagged immediately for improvement.

By restructuring and automating its training measurement and analysis, the bank L&D team is able to smoothly track training progress, comply with requirements, and manage day-to-day reporting with greater consistency and accuracy. Its easy to get training reports on an individual, department or organizational level, with up-to-the-minute data whenever required. Department managers can also monitor their staffs training activities and develop individual training plans.


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