Competency Modeling

Supporting the design and implementation of competency frameworks
 Competency Modeling
Bridging Strategy and Talent

Competency modeling is crucial in aligning an organization's goals with its talent processes. It enables organizations to effectively align individual capabilities with evolving role requirements, addressing common performance challenges that stem from misalignment.

Competency modeling helps organizations successfully match specific people to specific roles, even as the requirements of those roles continuously change and evolve.

Aligning organizational goals with individual capabilities

At MENTOR, we analyze your organization's strategy and the talent required to achieve it. Our solutions transform this analysis into a detailed framework, defining and prioritizing capabilities essential for every role, thus activating and driving strategy execution.

Experience the epitome of organizational excellence by harnessing the precision of competency modelling.

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Our services in competency modeling

Framework design and implementation

We develop customized behavioral and technical competency frameworks aligned with your organization's goals and industry standards. These frameworks are integrated into your existing talent processes.

Online competency management

Our digital platform automates the management of organizational design and competency frameworks, assesses workforce competencies, and facilitates career planning.
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Online competency assessment

We provide a streamlined digital solution for 360° appraisal of employee knowledge and competencies, offering visual dashboards and automated reports for real-time updates.
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Competencies: The Building Blocks of Organizational Talent

Competencies are the skills, attitudes, and attributes required in an organization's employees for it to achieve its strategic goals. They are the building blocks of the organization's collective talent and a way to define, communicate, and measure job performance.

Considered the starting point for many talent management processes, they provide a methodology to align individual performance to strategy, goals, and objectives. They create a common language for talent and easily communicate what is important for success.

Integrating Competency Models in Talent Management

Embedding a competency model into talent management practices and processes ensures closer alignment between talent strategy and business strategy.

Through competency modeling, we help our clients create a firm foundation for various talent management processes such as job profiling, recruitment, assessment, performance management, learning and development, succession planning, and career planning. The competency framework makes these processes more cohesive, creates a consistent, measurable, and objective data-driven system for talent decisions, and aligns an organization's people to its strategy.

Tailored to Your Organization

We design competency frameworks that are centered around our client's organizational needs and objectives and drawn from their talent strategies. Through interviews and workshops involving key stakeholders, we identify the requisite competencies and develop a framework that defines indicators for each proficiency level of the competency as well as the proficiency levels required for each role's mastery.

The framework is aligned with the organization's direction, culture, people, and market environment, and integrated into talent management processes to support their execution.

Specialized industry experience

We have worked with leading global and regional clients from the private and public sector across the GCC, helping them to adopt competency models in their talent management functions. We have carried out extensive work in competency modeling for the banking sector, creating technical competency frameworks for all banking job functions.

We have also designed comprehensive technical and behavioral competency frameworks that are fully aligned with UAE federal government requirements for job functions. In addition, we have developed competency models for the retail and commerce sector that have been implemented with great success, with a special focus on enhancing e-commerce and customer service and experience.

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