Service Excellence

Why customer service must always be right
 Service Excellence
Why service matters

High quality products, impressive facilities, appealing marketing campaigns and a prominent public image can all work to create a positive impression with customers, but it is often the quality of service a customer receives that can either strike a chord or hit a nerve, and ultimately determines the strength of the relationship with the organization.

Because service is experienced at a personal level by customers, it carries considerable influence in purchase decisions and brand loyalty. And with globalization and tougher competition comes an expectation of a faultless experience every time.

Comprehensive solution

We work with clients to establish an accurate understanding of customer service performance, develop effective service excellence strategies, re-design the customer experience and equip service teams with the skills and thinking required to achieve this.

We help organizations create synergy in sales processes, locations and people, and promote a positive service culture that makes every customer feel valued and appreciated.

We help you streamline your service practices and deliver enhanced customer experiences, through robust service strategies and engaging training programs.

what we offer

The building-blocks of our consultancy in customer service excellence

Performance Analysis

Comprehensive assessment and report on service quality, carried out through a combination of stakeholder meetings, mystery shopping, current customer journey analysis, customer / employee surveys and competitor benchmarking.

Customer Experience Design

Mapping the desired customer journey, identifying all the components required to successfully handle each touchpoint in various situations, and development of a comprehensive customer service handbook to serve as a long-term reference for service teams.

Training Workshops

Customized training program to address participant needs and focus areas as identified in analysis, with a range of specialized courses for managers and front-liners.
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Field Courses

Immersive learning that takes participants out of the training room to explore learnings on the ground. It lets participants experience service first-hand, challenges their understanding of customers and provides a fresh viewpoint on the customer experience.

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