Service Excellence

Why customer service must always be right

High quality products, impressive facilities, appealing marketing campaigns and a prominent public standing can all work together to create a positive impression for an organization with its customers, but it is often the quality of service a customer receives that can either strike a chord or hit a nerve and ultimately determines the nature of the relationship.

At MENTOR, we guide organizations on how to develop effective service excellence strategies and how to create synergy in sales processes, locations and people, in order to ensure that company values and promises are consistently met.


Cultivating a service culture

Because the customer experience is a one-to-one interaction between the organization and the customer, it is often felt at a very personal level and carries considerable influence in buying decisions.

Customers are also increasingly more aware of and sensitive to the nature of that interaction and consequently demand higher levels of service. They expect organizations to demonstrate values, brand promise and commitment through service. This is why most organizations earnestly pursue the creation of a positive service culture that makes every customer feel valued and appreciated.

MENTOR can help your organization streamline its service practices and deliver an enhanced customer experience. We do this through a two-pronged approach that provides recommendations on a comprehensive service strategy and creates the right employee mindset and skills through customized training programs.

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Service Excellence

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