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Lift the performance of your organization and people.

We help organizations implement positive change and operate more effectively
through consulting services, supported by learning programs and digital tools.

Initiating Change

Initiating Change

We provide direction on planning and implementing organizational change.

At MENTOR, we understand what it takes to create impactful and long-lasting change in an organization. We help you plan it, implement it and garner support for it, so that every person and process in the organization becomes an instrument of change. And so that your journey of change follows the best possible route.

With a pragmatic approach to management consultancy, and an emphasis on implementation enabled through learning programs and digital applications, we lead the way for organizations to becoming better at what they do.

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Our advisory services provide direction on how to become more efficient and cohesive. We help you get your business on track and make its various parts, processes and people work harmoniously to achieve goals.


Our approach to workplace learning is all about helping both the organization and individual to succeed. We create customized training programs to engage your team and enhance thinking, knowledge and skills.


We empower change through digital tools with powerful tracking and reporting features. Our online solutions help you streamline talent management and development activities.

Looking to streamline operations, grow talent and plan ahead? Talk to a consultant to find out how we can help.


featured offering:
Blockchain Advisory & Training

Discover the technology that is ushering in the Internet of Value and revolutionizing online transactions. We provide specialized advisory services and training programs to help organizations capitalize on blockchain's potential and integrate it into operations and offerings.


Analysis of potential applications, alignment with business goals and assessment of expected impact.


Expert guidance on establishing new startups and ventures built around the technology.

Solution Design

Technology consultancy on software architecture, and choice of platforms and partners.

Development Process

Comprehensive planning and management of development process and vendor integration.


Guidance on deployment, testing, change management and impact assessment to facilitate integration.


Building internal knowledge on the technology impact, platforms, and applications to effectively steer its adoption.


Learn about blockchain and how to implement it through specialized training and advisory services, and an expert team of consultants and trainers.



Infographic: So what is Blockchain anyway?

Infographic: So what is Blockchain anyway?

Blockchain technology is making massive waves in online transactions, and it's only just beginning. But little is understood about this complex technology and the rapid developments that it's bringing about. Our infographic offers a simple and concise guide to the essentials on blockchain. Read More


Assessment of department managers at UAE government organization

Assessment of department managers at UAE government organization

Extensive assessment of leadership competencies to assess job fitness and guide training

Implementing an E-learning program in UAE ministry to replace HR manual

Implementing an E-learning program in UAE ministry to replace HR manual

Online training on HR processes and policies completed for 1,200 staff in record time

Competency model and assessment for business conglomerate in Saudi Arabia

Competency model and assessment for business conglomerate in Saudi Arabia

Developing a competency framework and assessment process for 3000 staff in 25 subsidiaries