Learning Content

Instructional design customized to individual learning needs

When it comes to the design and delivery of effective learning programs, every corporate training manager knows that the start to any successful training program is with good learning content. Building your organizations training programs around sound knowledge and up-to-date information is the biggest factor in how much your employees are able to learn through training.

Good instructional design employs modern training approaches, global best practices, and up-to-date research, but it also conveys that information in a simple, visual and interactive learner-friendly format.

One size does not fit all

Your employees are diverse individuals with different personalities, skills and job requirements, and catering to this vast range of needs and doing it on time and budget is a major challenge.

This is where we can help. For organizations looking to manage their own training programs internally, we offer the option of developing training content with no involvement in its delivery. With a deep understanding of our clients' goals and challenges, we develop instructional material that is truly tailored to the organization, specialized to its industry and customized for individual and job role requirements.


Variety of learning media

Because we believe that a blended learning approach achieves deeper learning, we offer our clients a variety of learning formats and channels to choose from to best suit their requirements. And we empower learning and development teams to be able to independently manage training by creating the right content and providing train the trainer programs where required.

Our instructional design team manages the entire content design process and delivers a training format that best suits client needs whether its a standard training kit, an e-learning program, online learning game, training video, process or system manual, e-book or even a complete knowledge portal.

Our training content can be developed in various languages, is based on global best practices in instructional design and on up-to-date research on the subject in question. It is also highly interactive and visually appealing for easy learning and retention, and incorporates experiential learning methodologies and tools that enable participants to apply learnt concepts to their work environment.

Learning Content

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