Innovation training

Workshops that build understanding of innovation and develop creative thinking skills

Build the capability of your employees on innovation practices and skills

Variety of training courses for employees and organizational leaders to establish an understanding of innovations key concepts and and an idea implementation roadmap.

  • Introduction to Innovation
  • Innovation and Creativity Tools
  • Suggestion Program Management
  • Creativity and Creative Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation Management
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Digital Transformation and Innovation
  • Innovation Team building
Build the capability of your employees on innovation practices and skills

learning outcomes

How the program helps achieve tangible results

Understand innovation

Learn about the characteristics of innovative products and work. Understand innovation ecosystem and how innovation addresses specific business needs and capitalizes on opportunities.

Think creatively

Understand the creative idea generation process. Explore and develop creative thinking techniques and strategies. Empower employees with a creativity toolkit to take boost task performance, relationships and initiative skills.

Implement ideas

Learn about the process of turning innovation from theory to practice, including idea analysis and validation, action planning, project financing and launch.

Our innovation programs are customized to client requirements and delivered by specialized trainers with many years of experience.

why innovate?

why innovate?

Key driver of success

Much more than a passing trend or a showy business concept, innovation today has become an integral part of any successful organization, with countless real-life examples across industries of remarkable achievements that began with an original idea.

Innovation represents a core renewal process with new ideas or current thinking applied in fundamentally different ways, resulting in significant changes in operating models, business processes, or products and services.

It improves competitive advantage, agility, operational efficiency, design and delivery processes, workforce engagement, pricing and quality.

Learn more how we help embed innovation in your organization.

The People Aspect

Additional to developing employees, we help create structures that maintain innovation after training

Innovation function

Setting up a business unit that's responsible for budget & implementation

Innovation teams

Setting up teams responsible for ideas generation & maintaining the innovation pipeline

Innovation board

Setting up innovation board who's responsible for screening & funding innovative proposals

Innovation Champions, Consultants & Certified Experts

Identifying, training, and certifying employees or external consultants responsible for supporting idea generators to go from ideation to implementation

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