Innovation training for UAE bank employees

Hands-on workshop encourages creative problem-solving and greater initiative at work

A UAE bank was looking to improve creative thinking and innovation skills of a select group of employees across various departments This was to support the broader national innovation strategy launched in 2014, and to encourage employees to take an active role in creating solutions to problems and challenges at work, and identifying ways to improve the banks products and services.

MENTOR conducted a total of 3 courses for different sets of trainees. This consisted of a 2-day workshop, involving a fully hands-on practical approach, many real-life examples of innovation and various tools to help spark innovation at the workplace.

The course covered topics such as the difference between creativity and innovation, how to recognize your own creativity, ways to build a creative environment, and the importance of creativity and innovation in business.

It took trainees through creative problem solving steps and tools, and individual and group techniques to help generate creative ideas. It also focused on idea implementation and how to encourage innovation in the workplace, by covering the entire idea management process in detail, and helping trainees practise concepts through numerous exercises.

The course included pre/ post assessment to measure training impact, and provided trainees with an innovation guidebook with useful references and recommendations to support the application of learnings. It concluded with trainees creating action plans to practise innovation at work.

The course succeeded in engaging the trainees and creating excitement over each individuals innovative abilities. Assessments showed a tangible and significant increase in knowledge for the vast majority of the group, and feedback indicated that the course had not only helped boost understanding of innovation, but also employee motivation and loyalty to the bank.

Innovation Training

Innovation training for UAE bank employees

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